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Etron - Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation
LifeSense® - Life and How to Sense Life effectively
Introducing eEver - Global Leading Super High Speed Interface Solution Provider
Etron - Heterogenous-Integration Enabler
Booming LifeSense® Age Fueled by AI-on-Chips and Tackling COVID Hardships
Currently the World’s First E-Marker Supplier to achieve USB-IF Certification for USB4& Intel Certification for Thunderbolt™4 EJ903- (2020-09-21)
< CES 2020> eEver’s USB Type-C E-Marker EJ903 Leading the world in supporting USB4™ and Thunderbolt 3, facilitates system manufacturer thefirst moving advantage to develop USB4™ and Thunderbolt 3- (2019-12-19)
ISSM 2020- (2021-02-04)
Etron Reports the Consolidated Financial Results of Year 2020- (2021-03-24)
Etron Announces Revenue of February 2021- (2021-03-08)
Etron Announces Revenue of January 2021- (2021-02-08)