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~3D Depth-map Camera Controller-eSP870

Etron's eSP870 chipset is an innovative USB3.0 3D Depth-map Controller which enables gesture/skeleton control by stereoscopic camera. It delivers high performance depth-map, 3D video and 2D video for various applications. The depth information is sent to the host processor for further processing. eSP870 enables the 3 dimension sense ability for digital devices and empowers the hottest natural user interface in many different platforms.

eSP870 is equipped with sophisticated computational algorithms to retrieve the synchronized stereo video and generate a VGA size depth-map image. With the USB3.0 High Speed Interface, eSP870 can not only transfer depth-map images but high quality 3D or 2D instant video in the meantime. eSP870 has minimal CPU requirements as the heavy depth-map computing algorithms run on eSP870 itself ,thus reserving the critical CPU resource for the most exciting application.

Key Features:
•Sensor Supporting◦Interface : Parallel x 2ch or MIPI x 2ch
◦Max. to Full HD 1080P x 1/ HD 720P x 2

•Output interface◦Support USB3.0 Super speed and high speed compatible
◦2 lanes MIPI® CSI-2 serial interfaces

•Embedded Image Signal Processor◦Full HD 1080P/ 30fps
◦HD 720P x 2ch/ 30fps
◦VGA x 2ch/ 60fps

•Embedded H/W Stereoscopic Depth-map Engine◦VGA/ 60fps

•JPEG Engine◦Full HD 1080P/ 30fps @ USB2.0

•Output Format Support on UVC environment◦3D video - Side-by-side or interleave mode
◦3D side-by-side + Depthmap video
◦2D + Depthmap video
◦2D video

•Support external ADC for audio-in
•Support platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, Android, Mac OS
•Package : 144pin BGA/ 9mm x 9mm

Key Benefits:
•Support depth-map, 2D and 3D source for various applications
•Stereoscopic depth-map by 2 regular CMOS image sensors
•Compact architecture to easy design embedded module
•Support both of in-door/out-door environments
•High performance depth-map image- max. to 60fps @ VGA
•Adjustable sensor separation to support different working distance
•No active IR lighting is required
•No active laser for eye-safe
•No external memory is required
•High Cost/Performance value

 eSP870 Stereo Vision Time of Flight(TOF) Structured Light
Operational Principle  Two 2D sensors emulate human eyes and equipped H/W depthmap engine Two 2D sensors represent human eyes IR pulse, light transit time measurement Patterned IR illumination,detect distortion
Depthmap Resolution VGA (640x480) <QVGA (320x240)  QVGA (320x240)
Depthmap Performance Max. to 60fps <30fps Max. to 60fps 30fps
S/W Complexity Low High Low Medium
Cost of Material Low Low Medium High
Response Time Fast Medium Fast Slow
Accuracy Medium Low High Medium
Indoor Performance Good Good Good Good
Outdoor Performance Good Good N/A N/A
Power Consumption Low Low High Medium
Range Depends on sensor separation Depends on sensor separation Limited (depends on IR light source) Limited

Product Selection
USB 3.0
CMOS Sensor I/F Parallel x 2
Resolution ~Full HD 1080P x 1/ HD 720P x 2
3D Output Yes

~144pin BGA/ 9mm x 9mm

Gesture Control, 3D Body Gaming, 3D Scan, etc.