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Etron Announces World’s First DRAM in a Fan-In Wafer Level Package in VLSI Symposium Paper
May 20, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [NEWS RELEASE] Etron Announces World’s First DRAM in a Fan-In Wafer Level Package in VLSI Symposium Paper At the upcoming IEEE VLSI Circuits Symposium to be held in Kyoto June 9-14, 2019, Etron will present a technical paper on their revolutionary RPC DRAM technology. The paper “A 4.8GB/s 256Mb(x16) Reduced-Pin-Count DRAM and Controller Architecture (RPCA) to Reduce Form-Factor & Cost for IOT/ Wearable/ TCON/ Video/ AI-Edge Systems” will be presented on June 12, by C. Shiah et al and will announce availability of the 256 Megabit RPC™ DRAM in Fan-In Wafer Level CSP packaging (FI-WLCSP), the first DRAM in the world offered in this miniaturized package. Because all of the IO signal balls must be placed within the perimeter of the bare die, it is the low IO signal count used by the RPC DRAM that makes this unique package option possible. No other DRAM architecture fits: too many signals or the die is too big for a reliable chip scale package (must be less than 36 mm^2). Only the RPC DRAM hits the FI-WLCSP sweet spot of die size and signal count. The FI-WLCSP is the smallest and lowest cost discrete package: it literally is a bare die with a Redistribution Layer (RDL) and solder bumps applied. The FI-WLCSP packaged RPC DRAM is 2 x 4.7 mm and features a x16 interface and uses a total of 50 solder balls with a ball pitch of 400 microns. The RPC DRAM matches x16 DDR3 bandwidth but does so with a PCB footprint less than 10% of the industry standard 96 ball x16 DDR3 BGA, offering very attractive form factors for new classes of applications. Etron’s Revolutionary New DRAM–RPC DRAMTM will be featured at Computex Taipei 2019 (May 28- Jun 1). Please meet Etron at booth No. S0410, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 2. For further information please visit   About Etron Technology Etron Technology, Incorporated (TPEx: 5351.TW) is a world-class fabless IC and Heterogeneous Integration (HI) Silicon design house with products ranging from Consumer Electronics DRAM (CEDRAM), Known-Good-Die Memory (KGDM), RPCTM DRAM (Reduced-Pin-Count); USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C high speed switch/mux controller with Power Delivery; and 3D Depthmap and StereoScopic Vision Sensing & Spherical Image-Processing ICs and Subsystems. For further information, please contact: Corporate Spokesperson: Ms. Justine Tsai Corporate Deputy Spokesperson: Mr. Eason Cheng Tel: +886-3-578-2345 #8670 Email: