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Etron Technology Provide Completed Specialty Buffer DRAM Chips for Consumer Robots, Smart Speaker - On-Device AI5G Broadband Gateways, and 360° Spherical Camera Solutions
December 20, 2018
With edge devices becoming capable of performing complicated computational tasks, Edge computing has become a major trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to IEK research recently, 75% of AI computing and data storage will be performed at the edge. Among the AI at edges, the smart speaker is the most popular device other than the smart phone. It has become the core of the smart home‘s portal, and it is more complicated than it seems which requires not only voice control, but also the deep-learning neural networks and data for processing an environment‘s sound. Etron‘s Specialty Buffer DRAMs, such as 512Mb DDR2, 512Mb DDR3, 1Gb DDR3 and 2Gb DDR3, have been adopted and mass-produced by major manufacturers of smart speakers. Hence, Etron‘s Known Good Die (KGD) solution has designed-win its next generation of products. In the application of consumer robots, the robotic vacuum cleaner builds an indoor 3D map with data from multiple sensors. Instead of blind and random movement, the robotic vacuum cleaner with Etron‘s Specialty Buffer DRAMs embedded, now moves step by step accordingly enhancing the cleaning in a most efficient method. With the company continuously developing in the field, its Specialty Buffer DRAM products have been gradually verified by the main customers, and the shipment reached several million units per year with a compound annual growth rate of more than 10%. The demand for the network is not only high-bandwidth and low-latency, but also the need for ubiquitous networking. Thus, the 5G communication and the high speed of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) are critical to the future AIOT development. A network system containing various dedicated gateways for connecting between the cloud server and the terminal device. Etron provides a complete DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM and SPI NAND memory solution for the gateway application. With the verification of the world‘s major communication chip manufacturers, the company ships to world‘s first-tier customers now. Etron‘s Specialty Buffer DRAM Chips for Consumer Robots, Smart Speaker - On-Device AI, 5G Broadband Gateways, and 360°Spherical Camera Solutions will be featured at CES 2019 (Jan 8-11). Please meet Etron at booth No. 21615, South Hall 1, Las Vegas Convention Center. For further information please visit