Webcam Controllers

Etron eSP268 Webcam Controllers


eSP268 is a highly integrated USB 2.0 High-Speed (HS) and Full-Speed (FS) compatible Web camera controller. It has 3 built-in LDOs to provide power for CIS module and USB controller. As a result, eSP258 can reduce total BOM cost significantly and meet system requirements in a smaller form factor.


  • CMOS Sensor Module Interface
    • Input: 8-bit YUV422
    • Resolution: VGA (640x480) and 1.3M (1280x1024)
    • Support encoded JPEG stream via bypass mode
  • USB 2.0 high-speed and full-speed compatible
    • UVC 1.1 compliant
    • Support Isochronous endpoint (video, 24MB/s max.)
    • Support remote wakeup from USB event
  • Embedded 8051 with 32KB mask ROM and 2KB SRAM
    • Up to 48MHz
    • UART for debug
    • Up to 8 GPIOs (6 GPIOs for 40-QFN)
  • Control Interface
    • Support I2C for CIS control
    • Support I2C slave by external HOST
  • ISP functions
    • Adjustable brightness and contrast
    • Adjustable Hue, Saturation, Gain and Offset
    • Window cropping
    • Down-sampling
  • Single 5V power supply
    • Built-in 1.8V/3.3V LDOs for chip core/peripheral power
    • Built-in 2.8V LDOs for CIS core/peripheral power
    • Power consumption: Active < 40mA and suspend < 200uA
  • Certified by Microsoft WHQL & USB-IF
  • Support platforms: Window XP SP3, Window XP 64, Vista 32, Vista 64, Window 7, Mac OS X, and Linux with UVC driver
  • 48-LQFP (7mm x 7mm)
  • 40-QFN (5mm x 5mm)
Product Selection
USB 2.0
CMOS Sensor I/F Parallel
Resolution VGA
ISP Simple ISP
MJPEG By-pass mode
3D Output N/A
LDO 3.3V/2.8V/1.8V

48-LQFP (7x7)
40-QFN (5x5)